Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review - Lego Mixels

So for my first review back, I thought I would start off with something new and simple. A month or so back, while walking the Lego isle at one of my local stores, I came a cross these little guys. I didn't buy them right away, but after thinking about it some, I picked them up tonight.

I don't really know the back story on this line, but is what Wikipedia has..

"Mixels involves nine different, fun-loving tribes who inhabit a fantasy land of adventure and wonder. They can mix (combining two Mixels of different or same tribes), max (combining all three Mixels of the same tribe), and murp (when a mix goes horribly wrong) in all kinds of situations, using the mysterious cubits. All that stands in their way are the small, evil Nixels."

I do know they are part of a show on Cartoon Network, but that is about it. Anyways, let get to the review for Lego Mixels!

First up, we have a shot of the packaging.

As you can see, no blind pack here, which is really nice! Each bag has the image of the set your buying. Series one includes sets from three of the nine? groups in the show. You have the yellow ones, who I'm guessing is electricity or something like that. Next up is the black/gray one, guessing again, that is stone. And last up is the red and you can tell is fire. Each group consist of three different models and with all three of one group, you can combined them into one large model. Only down side is you have to go to the Lego Mixels website to get the instruction. All the sets come in the same size bag and are all $4.99 SMRP.

Each includes a small instruction book that is 24 pages long with an ad for the app but not the show. Kind of surprised about that. Inside each bag, there is another bag with all the parts.

Each set took me about five minutes or so to build with very little problems, but they are aimed for younger kids. With that being said, I can see them enjoying each set but not having to many issues. For collectors or people who just like building original models, I can seem them enjoying it a lot. Each sets has very unique parts centered around the elements of each group.

Each model is a different size, which is nice. Gives each of them more character I think. 

Also the models are larger then a regular mini figure.

One of each model from each group comes with a Nixel, the main bad guy thing for the cartoon series. This one only consist of nine parts but still looks nice and fits well with the rest of the sets.

Overall I really liked these. I plan on combining them into some type of my own model but until then, they will hang out on a shelf and get played with by my oldest. I would recommend any of the Mixels and am looking forward to the next two waves coming out. 

 Hope you enjoyed this review and it was helpful.
 Leave a comment if you have any questions and ill get back to you as soon as I can.

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